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Tuesday, December 29, 2009

boxing week new purchase

So i guess today will mark my last day of boxing week shopping~~~i went and bought stuff on sunday and today~~~there are few misses that i didnt get to buy them cuz they were sold out..(sad face), but i did get a few good things(happy face)

so i bought the M.A.C holiday lipgloss set, alot of stuff from Bath abd Body works, some Maybelline stuff, New YSL stuf, and Undies from La senza and Pink by VS~~~so nth too much, i didnt get any clothes...cuz i dont like anyth~~~lol maybe i'll go to the bay tmr??? or probaly not...i think I spend too much money already

Thats all i got...nth too fancy other than the 2 YSL which Costs too much money...but from myh own exp w/ the brand is totally worth it, and i luv the new undies i got from Pink and La senza~~~they are sooooo cute~~~~

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