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Monday, November 23, 2009

a three day weekend~~~

So i got satureday, sunday and monday off. which is wonderful cuz frankly i hate working(probaly cuz im a lazy ass lol). but ya in toronto this weekend there is this huge Elizabether Arden/Smashbox/Red Earth/other cosmetics sales. So like any other women who likes a good bargain i went w/ the hubby... The hubby was kinda mad, but im blame him, heck we waited like 1hr to get in, and he is a guy so makeup and stuff is hardly his passion. but then we went to hotpot @ Mongolian Sheep, which is one of my fav hotpot spot~~~i guess for him as long as he eats stuff he likes he doesnt get mad at me~~~lol...unfortuantely im not one of those ppl that always carry a camera w/ them whereever they go so i didnt take any pictures of the hotpot or the huge line at the warehouse sale...mainly of course is because my camera is too big and i want a new one. but dont have the money to get one just yet...lol.

so on to the Warehouse sales....to be honest i lvoe warehouse sales, cuz they are just so cheap i rmber one year i went w/ "monster gurl" to a jean warehouse sale, miss sixty were only 5 bucks, of course its a old style, but still i got four pair of jeans for 20....or 30??? dont rmber but its good brand jeans like Silver, Mavi, Parasuco ect...and its all authentic...my mom loves the P/G warehouse sales cuz they have cheap houshold stuff. unfortuantely we've only being there once..i've being trying to google when will be hte next one but evrytime i got smth its alwasy too late....anyways so i went to the E/A warehouse sale. this is the second tiem i went there, the first time was in april or may...and i luvs it... sure hte line up is a pain in the ass but u really do get great deals. for example the E/A caremide time capsule were only 25/box, normally u have to pay up to 70 for that...but i didnt really get that much E/A stuff. i only bought one box of the capsule, one eye cream, and one 24hr hydration cream...why??? well while i do like to stock up, but there are still up opened skincare at my house...so storing mroe stuff seem like a waste of space, but also because i dont want the stuff to go bad on me. plus in april/may of next year they are gonna have another year anyway...so no need to buy a bunch at this one time..cuz i dont use the capusles daily more like once or twice a week if i rmber....so ya...also i didnt get the first defence cream that iwant to buy its becuase they have spf in it....but im allergic to the spf in e/a so i was kinda sad to see they have no none spfs ones...

but i do like the cosmetices i got from the sales though... i got a Smashbox MUse eye pallette for 20 dollars, if u buy that at sephora or department stores it would cost you more than 50 dollars, so i thought its a good deal...but becuase i didnt want to get more blushes/lippies and stuff so thats all i bought from the samshbox section, last time i went i got way i got one of their hilightin primer, a blush and a powder/buffer brush set...and also cuz im not that into e/a cosmetics so i didnt get anyth from them either.....plus wtevr they have this year i already got from the last warehouse sale...so maybe next year if they have different stuff i'll buy more~~~lol

i did buy alot of Red Earth stuff though. i got their mini brush set that was set @ 4 dollars, a make up kit set that was 6 dollars that have liners, shadows, primers, brushes, lipgloss. i also got one of their brow paleltte that im kidna excited to try cuz right now im using the old one i have from laneige...and i keep thinkin i should get a new one...cuz i think this one is gonna go bad soon...lol..i got like a ton of single eyeshadows they were like 2 dollars each.somes of them were like .50 cent...but ya cuz i have alot of colours at home already so i didnt get that much colour, but they are good colour though~~~very pigmented, and alot of shimmer which i love~~~well im not a huge fan of the brand i do like their stuff....mainly cuz they are good quality, but an eyeshadow can go up to 15 dollars which is almost like the MAC price...i mean if i had the money i'll buy MAC or other brands that are more high end....oh ya one of the things i got kinda upset over the singles i bought was cuz two of them broke....i guess the e/s were handled w/ care so in process they got shattered into really powdery pieces, so i have to go online and try to fins article on how to fix broken eye shadows which as it turns out are alot and eay to find...so i end up fixin up the eyeshadow, and as it turns out i didnt lose that much product~~~which is a great yay for me~~~

i also got three nail polish, two sally hansen and one borghese...now if you buy borghese from shoppers drug mart/sears they cost up to 13 dollars but i got mine for 1.99 so yay~~~sally hansens were like .99 cents each~~~and the colour is very nice i got a deep navy blue, a dark opac purple, and a nice satin red~~~...plus i bought 2 boxes of nivea creams, a electric tooth brush and 4 bottle of body wash plus one tweezer, so it was a pretty goods experience. i think next year i'll go again too~~~~

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