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Friday, November 13, 2009

Hair colour~~~

So i decided im going to dye my hair today by myself, although my colourist had told me numberous times that i need to go to the salon to do it because and she didnt lie when she was telling me this cuz my hair dye-ing techniques are horrible...which explains the gazzilion colours i have on my hair...i mean i like playin w/ hair colour so i nvr really stuck w/ one colour...and i love blonde highlitez...and i wanted to go all blonde by myself....and the result was so horrible that i went to the salon the next day and change it back to dark brown, of course i had to endure all the snickering i got from the salon ppl including my colourist....but oh well lesson learned--->nvr try to bleach ur own hair into blonde by urself....

Anyways as few months had passed, and my roots are growing out, and it looks pretty damn not nice, so i bought hair dye from the drug store like last week, one of the reason was cuz my roots are growing out, the other reason was that it was on sale fro 4.99....and it was originally like more than 10 dollars so it was on sale for more than 50% off... so im was like no way that im not gonna buy it. so i bought too, one is light brown, the other one is dark blonde....but after much consideration i decided to use the light brown one cuz i have extremly dark black hair....so alot of times the colours wont even come out right if its too light... so thats the colour... idont think its too bad~~~its a nice colour~~~

So right now im just waitting......so i can wash it off and blow dry and see how it looks~~~~hopefully it wont be as bad.....

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