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Monday, October 12, 2009


So today is thxgiving in Canada...i was gonna go some where w/ the hubby, but it got too chilly ourside so we stayed at our bedroom and watched big bang theory all day, then we fell asleep while we were doing that and had a nice nap in the afternoon.

So we were gonna go to the Playdium in Mississauga..but i wasn't sure it if opens on thxgiving~~~maybe this weekend we can go. so i finally played like my first arcade game yesterday and i must say the whole experience was pretty fun~~i mean i still dont like the the whole street fighter-ish arcade games, but some of the shotting games was pretty kool~~~

oh ya i watch the movie Surrogate yesterday and it was okay. i mean we went to the 9:30pm one, though the theatre was small but it was almost full, i was really surprised by it,cuz i've heard nth but bad reviews of it....but like i said it wasn't bad, but it definitely didnt wow me~~~its like ur average action movie. Im not a big fan of Bruce Willis, but my mom is she is a Die Hard Fan~~~so i guess i was expecting more from bruce willis, but it wasnt bad...just wasnt good either. next week i wanna watch "Law abiding citizen" starring Gerald BUtler and Jamie Foxx, it looks like a good film, and i love a retribution themed movies....

so my interview is on wednesday im kinda scared, cuz im out of the job market for 2 years....but i really need this job~~~lets hope i aced the interview...

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