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Saturday, October 17, 2009

Paranormal activity is SCary!!!!!!!

So i went to watch Paranormal activity w/ the hubby last nite, and my god it was scary as hell, i mean it uses the same shooting technique as the blair witch project, but my gold i think this is much more scarier...so its kinda like mocumentry type horror movie. its kinda realistic and stuff and especially if u read the wikipedia article of the movie and the whole thing w/ steven spielberg, it just adds more tension to the whole thing. the only sucky part about seeing this movie is that i have to share the theatre w/ abunch of high school kids who are so laud that u want to kick them in the head so they'd stoped talking. i mean they were soooo annoyiing. but other than that the movie is good, and scary. honestly i was shaking after i've seen it, i mean i guess the whole haunting experience is universal, and how they try to contact it. i mean at least from where im from asia i've heard similar stories or stories of "a frd of a frd of mine". so i hoenstly think this is hte perfect movie for halloween, its sooo much better than th SAW crap ( sorry not a fan of the whole franchise).

Alot of movie now use low budget sfilming techinque like this one like cloverfield, or REC and its Remake and REC2, and i must say im a fan of this kinda of movie , it just adds much more intensity to the movie. Espcially w/ the REC movies, it has the feel that u can't get out, like the claustrophobic feeling, there is no escape, which makes it better in a way than 28 days later and Dawn of the Dead. Anyways i really like Paranormal Activities, and not kidding i like in the suburb and the theatre was Packed like it was sold out and i was watching the last show at 10:30, the 8:00 show was already sold out as w/ the earlier times too, on the website it even says no passes~~~

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