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Thursday, October 8, 2009

Just Woke up + some random thoughts

So, i was looking at other ppl's blogs and stuff, and it got me wondering, how come their blog is sooo pretty???Damn me and my unwillingness to learn html???anyways i'll just the hubby to help me when he gets home tmr nite~~~

So i got a interview w/ sephora's next week, kinda excited, cuz sephora is like my fav store since im a self-proclaimed makeup fanatic....Sometimes i hoenstly i have too much, but i just keep on buying more....but i guess its okay, cuz there is a shopaholic in all of us right?

Speaking of shopaholics, i read the books and also watched the moivies. and frankly i dont like the movie that much. the books were so much fun to read, yet the movie was kinda "meh", and the clothing in the movies were nice...but still i still wonder why hollywood tends to always ruin the good books...of course there are good adaptations such as a hand full of Stephen King's movies...

Speaking of movies, i love the movie "ZOMBIELAND", of course i dont own the wonderful posters on the right, btu the movie was SOOO good. being a horror movie junkie, I watched alot of zombie/infected movies. but ZOmbieland was different. i was funny, not like "Shaun of the Dead" funny, but your plain old good north american humor~~~plus i really like Emma Stone, so there is no way i wasnt gonna watch it. and when i was at the theatre evryone was laughing,and the theatre was full of ppl. of coruse there were alot of kids there, which i kinda dont like, i mean if i were a parents i wouldnt want like a 10 years old to watch this movie, but there were little kids there... anyways the movie was awsome...and i honestly wish there are more movie like that out there

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