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Tuesday, December 29, 2009

boxing week new purchase

So i guess today will mark my last day of boxing week shopping~~~i went and bought stuff on sunday and today~~~there are few misses that i didnt get to buy them cuz they were sold out..(sad face), but i did get a few good things(happy face)

so i bought the M.A.C holiday lipgloss set, alot of stuff from Bath abd Body works, some Maybelline stuff, New YSL stuf, and Undies from La senza and Pink by VS~~~so nth too much, i didnt get any clothes...cuz i dont like anyth~~~lol maybe i'll go to the bay tmr??? or probaly not...i think I spend too much money already

Thats all i got...nth too fancy other than the 2 YSL which Costs too much money...but from myh own exp w/ the brand is totally worth it, and i luv the new undies i got from Pink and La senza~~~they are sooooo cute~~~~

Sunday, December 27, 2009

One of my Fav Movies----Moulin Rouge!

So ya Moulin Rouge is one of my Fav movies...i have the DVD and i watched it soooo many times~~~its such a sad story....of course w/ the casts of many very handsome ppl namely Ewan McGreggor N Nicole Kidman....actually i was just watching it like a few days b4....me and the hubby were watching the movie then talking about it....frankly as much as i luv the movie...i dont like the Christian...i mean he is sensitive and talented, but he is such a wuss...honestly he just let his women go and almost had sex w/ another man and cries about it... i mean hoenslty either be a man kill the duke and runs away w/ her or just dont be jealous and let her do it...frankly i dont like this type of guys....i found them to be weak...nrvtheless i luv the movie...mainly cuz i luv the Tunes and the Custome Design its soo lavish...surprisinly ive watched all the the "Red Curtian Trilogy", all made by the same director....of course Romeo+Juliet was good, and Strickly Ballroom was also really good...but i still say Moulin Rouge is my fav...it might becouse im somwwt biased cuz i luv Ewan Mcgregger~~~he is such a hottie~~~just sooo cute especially w/ that sexy British accent of his~~~ and even my hubby likes this movie...and he is usually the macho/action movie type~~~lol

The movie is mainly based on Dumas's book..,no not the same Dumas who Wrote the Counte De mount Cristo...but his son~~~anyways i luv both author very much and the Counte de Mount Cristo is one of my fav books...the book itself is very sad~~~i mean much sadder than the movie... heck in the book the girl didnt even get to meet up w/ the boy after he is gone it is not till she is already dead that he fonaly knows the truth...

anyways not to the film.. one of my fav Scene in the movie is the " El Tango De Roxanne"..it is just doen really well...not only the choreography but also the music and the intrepretation of the music....plus tango is such a sexy dance there is no reason not to love it~~~

Monday, December 21, 2009

Im such a Nerd+ new Stuff From Sasa.com

So cuz one of my besy buddies is off skool for the holiday me and me starts to play Diablo 2 again... i know its soo old school right??? but u'd be suprised at how many ppl play it religiously~~~me and him are alos very excited about the up and coming Diablo 3~~~like very very excited~~~

As much as wt i bought...well its almost Xmas so i bought my parents a gps w/ my first paycheck in like 2 years~~~lol...but unfortunatetly the job i interviewed for and really like decided to go w/ a person w/ a master;s degree...but honestly wt kinda masters student would want to have a job that only pays 2000 a months... i mean shouldnt they aim higher to like at least 3000 after tax for every 4 weeks or smth....so im kinda piseed, cuz the lady told me other than the education part i was the runner up to the position.

so when my parents came home today, they give me a package that was sitting outside my door steps that are for me~~~it is my masks from Sasa.com that i ordered...although thats only the first parcel but im really excited totry them out well not tonite cuz i just did one this morning but maybe tmr . The brand is called Kuan Yuan Lian, its a taiwanese herbal beauty brand...i love the smell of herbal beauty masks~~~espeically those reminds me of chiense medicine~~~lol so i got 3 boxes of masks from them, cuz the hubby took my camera i'll post picture from the website..but those are sooo cheap 6.50 for 10 sheet~~~wt a steal~~~Honestly although the shipping is kinda expensive at 18.50, but their stuff is pretty cheap and they always have nice sales~~~

So i got the whitening, oil control and the moistureizing one~~~ive heard good things about this brand in alot of asian forums~~~and i cant wait to try it out tmr~~~lol

Monday, November 23, 2009

MOvies i have yet to watch....

So i went and watched "2012" i watched it when it was hte opening friday, and theatre was packed and i was watching the last time slot which starts at 10:45...it finished around 1:30ish...and frankly i hated the movie....i watched the fourth kind the week before, and i thought the fourth kind was shitty....that is untill i went and watched 2012.....dont get me wrong the special effects of the movie is amazing...but that doesnt equal to a good plot and good actors...i mean honestly other the John Cusack and Woody Harrleson evryone else in the movie sucked...the acting was one dimensional, and not belieavle at all....i mean the idea of 2012 is great, but hoenstly i dont understand how can the director/writter of one of my fav movie of all time "independence day" went that good to bad in this short amount of time...i mean i love independence day, the day after tmr was alrite, i mean at least Dennis Quaid and Jake Gyllenhal can act.....but 2012 is just plain bad.....im sooo disappointed...like so so diappointed.....u know i waited forever for this movie...and it is soooooo bad..

So there are a few movies i've being waitting to see since i watch the trailor in Theatres.....

1 Daybreaker: how doesnt love a good action pack vampire movie....dont get me wrong i hate Twightlite Saga.....its so stupid and the girl is a two-timing slut...but a good action vampire film like "I am Legend","Blade Series", "Thirty Days of Nite"...these are good vampire action film that i like...so what would happend if the society is full of vampire and that human are the minorities...and wt if such society is running out of blood??? i'd love to see it....it seemed to be very promising....and it opens in less than 2 months...

2 The Crazies: I am a huge Fan of George Romero's Zombie films, so i saw one of his movie is being remade and starts to show next year i was pretty excited. I love zombie movies. and this one seems to be very good, of course u can find the old plot on wiki...and it looks alrite, plus the trailor was pretty good and it leaves your hanging... i wonder if there are going to be any difference b/w the original and remake.Now this Film doesnt open until the end of Feburary of next year....so i'd still have to wait a bit longer, but if its good then its def worth the wait. One thing tht kinda bugs me though, its the poster...it looks alot like REC and REC2....

3 The Legion: Like i said l like Dennis Quiad, i like him in the day after tmr, and i also like him in Vantage point, plus this movie is also about the end of days...i guess the Christains would call it the raptures...the idea that the angry god send out armies of angels to kill every last man standing is kinda fun...plus i love action film they are fun to watch and heck they are very entertaning and full of gore and shitz...lol

4 Avatar: no not the the M Night Shamanlan(i dont thin kthgast thecorrect spelling) live action of Avatar the last air bender....now James Cameron is a great director, Terminator, Alien, Titanic just a few of his great movies....of course the film seem to have great meaning as well, and the visual effects seems to be very promising....however having watched the South Park episode of "Dances w/ the SMurf"....i'd think they kinda ruinedthe movie for me abit...just because the epidsode is sooo funny..nevertheless i still want to watch it

So far thats about all i wanted to watch

a three day weekend~~~

So i got satureday, sunday and monday off. which is wonderful cuz frankly i hate working(probaly cuz im a lazy ass lol). but ya in toronto this weekend there is this huge Elizabether Arden/Smashbox/Red Earth/other cosmetics sales. So like any other women who likes a good bargain i went w/ the hubby... The hubby was kinda mad, but im blame him, heck we waited like 1hr to get in, and he is a guy so makeup and stuff is hardly his passion. but then we went to hotpot @ Mongolian Sheep, which is one of my fav hotpot spot~~~i guess for him as long as he eats stuff he likes he doesnt get mad at me~~~lol...unfortuantely im not one of those ppl that always carry a camera w/ them whereever they go so i didnt take any pictures of the hotpot or the huge line at the warehouse sale...mainly of course is because my camera is too big and i want a new one. but dont have the money to get one just yet...lol.

so on to the Warehouse sales....to be honest i lvoe warehouse sales, cuz they are just so cheap i rmber one year i went w/ "monster gurl" to a jean warehouse sale, miss sixty were only 5 bucks, of course its a old style, but still i got four pair of jeans for 20....or 30??? dont rmber but its good brand jeans like Silver, Mavi, Parasuco ect...and its all authentic...my mom loves the P/G warehouse sales cuz they have cheap houshold stuff. unfortuantely we've only being there once..i've being trying to google when will be hte next one but evrytime i got smth its alwasy too late....anyways so i went to the E/A warehouse sale. this is the second tiem i went there, the first time was in april or may...and i luvs it... sure hte line up is a pain in the ass but u really do get great deals. for example the E/A caremide time capsule were only 25/box, normally u have to pay up to 70 for that...but i didnt really get that much E/A stuff. i only bought one box of the capsule, one eye cream, and one 24hr hydration cream...why??? well while i do like to stock up, but there are still up opened skincare at my house...so storing mroe stuff seem like a waste of space, but also because i dont want the stuff to go bad on me. plus in april/may of next year they are gonna have another year anyway...so no need to buy a bunch at this one time..cuz i dont use the capusles daily more like once or twice a week if i rmber....so ya...also i didnt get the first defence cream that iwant to buy its becuase they have spf in it....but im allergic to the spf in e/a so i was kinda sad to see they have no none spfs ones...

but i do like the cosmetices i got from the sales though... i got a Smashbox MUse eye pallette for 20 dollars, if u buy that at sephora or department stores it would cost you more than 50 dollars, so i thought its a good deal...but becuase i didnt want to get more blushes/lippies and stuff so thats all i bought from the samshbox section, last time i went i got way i got one of their hilightin primer, a blush and a powder/buffer brush set...and also cuz im not that into e/a cosmetics so i didnt get anyth from them either.....plus wtevr they have this year i already got from the last warehouse sale...so maybe next year if they have different stuff i'll buy more~~~lol

i did buy alot of Red Earth stuff though. i got their mini brush set that was set @ 4 dollars, a make up kit set that was 6 dollars that have liners, shadows, primers, brushes, lipgloss. i also got one of their brow paleltte that im kidna excited to try cuz right now im using the old one i have from laneige...and i keep thinkin i should get a new one...cuz i think this one is gonna go bad soon...lol..i got like a ton of single eyeshadows they were like 2 dollars each.somes of them were like .50 cent...but ya cuz i have alot of colours at home already so i didnt get that much colour, but they are good colour though~~~very pigmented, and alot of shimmer which i love~~~well im not a huge fan of the brand i do like their stuff....mainly cuz they are good quality, but an eyeshadow can go up to 15 dollars which is almost like the MAC price...i mean if i had the money i'll buy MAC or other brands that are more high end....oh ya one of the things i got kinda upset over the singles i bought was cuz two of them broke....i guess the e/s were handled w/ care so in process they got shattered into really powdery pieces, so i have to go online and try to fins article on how to fix broken eye shadows which as it turns out are alot and eay to find...so i end up fixin up the eyeshadow, and as it turns out i didnt lose that much product~~~which is a great yay for me~~~

i also got three nail polish, two sally hansen and one borghese...now if you buy borghese from shoppers drug mart/sears they cost up to 13 dollars but i got mine for 1.99 so yay~~~sally hansens were like .99 cents each~~~and the colour is very nice i got a deep navy blue, a dark opac purple, and a nice satin red~~~...plus i bought 2 boxes of nivea creams, a electric tooth brush and 4 bottle of body wash plus one tweezer, so it was a pretty goods experience. i think next year i'll go again too~~~~

Friday, November 13, 2009

Hair colour~~~

So i decided im going to dye my hair today by myself, although my colourist had told me numberous times that i need to go to the salon to do it because and she didnt lie when she was telling me this cuz my hair dye-ing techniques are horrible...which explains the gazzilion colours i have on my hair...i mean i like playin w/ hair colour so i nvr really stuck w/ one colour...and i love blonde highlitez...and i wanted to go all blonde by myself....and the result was so horrible that i went to the salon the next day and change it back to dark brown, of course i had to endure all the snickering i got from the salon ppl including my colourist....but oh well lesson learned--->nvr try to bleach ur own hair into blonde by urself....

Anyways as few months had passed, and my roots are growing out, and it looks pretty damn not nice, so i bought hair dye from the drug store like last week, one of the reason was cuz my roots are growing out, the other reason was that it was on sale fro 4.99....and it was originally like more than 10 dollars so it was on sale for more than 50% off... so im was like no way that im not gonna buy it. so i bought too, one is light brown, the other one is dark blonde....but after much consideration i decided to use the light brown one cuz i have extremly dark black hair....so alot of times the colours wont even come out right if its too light... so thats the colour... idont think its too bad~~~its a nice colour~~~

So right now im just waitting......so i can wash it off and blow dry and see how it looks~~~~hopefully it wont be as bad.....

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Fav Song at the moment

SO i heard that song on the radio alot in the lats few weeks, but starting from last week it stopped playing, both me and hubby realy like the song, cuz it is funny i especially like the part of lyric that says " shush girl, shut your lips, do the hellen keller and talk with your hips" its just funny.

So i just found via google that the band Name is 3oh!3, the song's name is "Dont turst me". i just finished Downloading the song~~~its a good song and very catchy as well~~~and its kinda dirty, not like dirty rap songs,but the kinda you'd like~~~

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Saturday, October 17, 2009

Paranormal activity is SCary!!!!!!!

So i went to watch Paranormal activity w/ the hubby last nite, and my god it was scary as hell, i mean it uses the same shooting technique as the blair witch project, but my gold i think this is much more scarier...so its kinda like mocumentry type horror movie. its kinda realistic and stuff and especially if u read the wikipedia article of the movie and the whole thing w/ steven spielberg, it just adds more tension to the whole thing. the only sucky part about seeing this movie is that i have to share the theatre w/ abunch of high school kids who are so laud that u want to kick them in the head so they'd stoped talking. i mean they were soooo annoyiing. but other than that the movie is good, and scary. honestly i was shaking after i've seen it, i mean i guess the whole haunting experience is universal, and how they try to contact it. i mean at least from where im from asia i've heard similar stories or stories of "a frd of a frd of mine". so i hoenstly think this is hte perfect movie for halloween, its sooo much better than th SAW crap ( sorry not a fan of the whole franchise).

Alot of movie now use low budget sfilming techinque like this one like cloverfield, or REC and its Remake and REC2, and i must say im a fan of this kinda of movie , it just adds much more intensity to the movie. Espcially w/ the REC movies, it has the feel that u can't get out, like the claustrophobic feeling, there is no escape, which makes it better in a way than 28 days later and Dawn of the Dead. Anyways i really like Paranormal Activities, and not kidding i like in the suburb and the theatre was Packed like it was sold out and i was watching the last show at 10:30, the 8:00 show was already sold out as w/ the earlier times too, on the website it even says no passes~~~

Thursday, October 15, 2009

B.B. Cream

B.B. Cream also stands for Blemish Balm cream started in Germany, where physicians subcribe it to patient who forgone laser surguries who has redness/temp.scar on their face as a way to cover those thing up, then it got really popular in korea, then the rest of east asia.

BB cream is like my lastest obsession~~~they dont work as well as my foundation (i use makeup4evr).but in terms of pore coverage it is the best at least the two i've being using for a while. they are quite thick they dont irritate my skin like alot of foundation that has spf. So if u have sensitive skin, and often find yourself allergic to foundations that has spf, i think bb cream is good for you, cuz personaly i hate putting too much layer on my skin, i mean i have enuff already, if i had put on sunscreen b4 that its just too much.

anyways the two i've being using for a while now are "SKin food aloe BB cream in shade 2", the Missha M BB cream(the silver tube one). Both are very thick, so u do get coverage. both these two however doesnt really match my skin tone. the Aloe one is to dark, and the MIssha One is too light, so wt i did was using them together and it matches my skintone very nicely.

The two that i got in the mail today are SKin79 Diamond Prism SPF37, the Etude House Magic BB which also have SPf 30. BOth these protect against UVA and UVB rays, which is excatly wt im looking for. what i also ordered along w/ these two is the skin79 diamond all day sun powder w/ spf 30. that act like a presspowder that u need to get rid of the oil and it has spf so u can use it through out the day for evry 4 hours, because u have to appl y your sun screen evry few hours, but ifu have make up on its not possible thats why i wanted to buy a loose powder that has spf, and since im allergic to almost all the brands u can buy from the department store, i decide to try this one, and so far the loose powder along w/ the two bb cream are not giving me huge rashs and making my eyes teary~~~which im really happy about~~~

So i have a picture how excatly these bb cream looks like in colour. Out of the the four the least thick and least water resist one is Etude house, i feel like that one is very thin w/ alot of moisture, the coverage is light to medium, it goes on almost invisiable.i would say i'll use it as primer or on days where im really busy have no time to do my usual face routine. Skin79 Diamond Prism Absolute Total is thicker than Etude house, but thinner than the other two.and the colour is really good, it will blend into your skin eventhough it has a grey-ish under tone.

I would say that my leats fav would be the missha M bb, since it has no spf, and its hard to blend into than the other ones, but i do like the pore coverage, hwoever the aloe bb from Skinfood does pretty much the same but easier to blend plus it has spf~~~~but honestly i wouldnt waer them alone, becuse all of them are not at covering red spot/acne/scars which i have alot on my face, and my face overrall has a red undertone, so i still need my foundations/green primer/green concealer.But i do recommend them as primer prior to your foundation, but u might find them to be thick and not like it...or u can use it together w/ your fav foundation...and as far as the skincare properties promised by the brand all i can say is that while i havent start using SKin79 and Etude House, the other two definitely hadn't really changed my skin in a significant way...i didnt notice any changes at all....i mean i've heard ppl saying their skin feels better after using it, but i guess its just not me then~~~

Monday, October 12, 2009


So today is thxgiving in Canada...i was gonna go some where w/ the hubby, but it got too chilly ourside so we stayed at our bedroom and watched big bang theory all day, then we fell asleep while we were doing that and had a nice nap in the afternoon.

So we were gonna go to the Playdium in Mississauga..but i wasn't sure it if opens on thxgiving~~~maybe this weekend we can go. so i finally played like my first arcade game yesterday and i must say the whole experience was pretty fun~~i mean i still dont like the the whole street fighter-ish arcade games, but some of the shotting games was pretty kool~~~

oh ya i watch the movie Surrogate yesterday and it was okay. i mean we went to the 9:30pm one, though the theatre was small but it was almost full, i was really surprised by it,cuz i've heard nth but bad reviews of it....but like i said it wasn't bad, but it definitely didnt wow me~~~its like ur average action movie. Im not a big fan of Bruce Willis, but my mom is she is a Die Hard Fan~~~so i guess i was expecting more from bruce willis, but it wasnt bad...just wasnt good either. next week i wanna watch "Law abiding citizen" starring Gerald BUtler and Jamie Foxx, it looks like a good film, and i love a retribution themed movies....

so my interview is on wednesday im kinda scared, cuz im out of the job market for 2 years....but i really need this job~~~lets hope i aced the interview...

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Alvin and the Chipmunks: The Squeakquel

i luved those little furballs~~~they are sooo cute~~~i have first one on my pc and it is soooooo funny~~~i luv all the chipmunk version of songs~~~they are very cute~~~
so i just watched the trailer of "Alvin and the Chipmunks: The Squeakquel"
and it is sooo cute~~~the chipmunks were singing Flo Rida, and the Chipettes are singing "Single ladies" By Beyonce~~they are sooo cute~~~
So the movie is gonna open on christmas day~~~can't wait to watch it they are sooo cute~~~plus Anna Faris is voicing Brittany, the leader of the chippettes~~~i luv Anna Faris~~~especially her from the house bunny~~~she is pretty and funny too~~~

Just Woke up + some random thoughts

So, i was looking at other ppl's blogs and stuff, and it got me wondering, how come their blog is sooo pretty???Damn me and my unwillingness to learn html???anyways i'll just the hubby to help me when he gets home tmr nite~~~

So i got a interview w/ sephora's next week, kinda excited, cuz sephora is like my fav store since im a self-proclaimed makeup fanatic....Sometimes i hoenstly i have too much, but i just keep on buying more....but i guess its okay, cuz there is a shopaholic in all of us right?

Speaking of shopaholics, i read the books and also watched the moivies. and frankly i dont like the movie that much. the books were so much fun to read, yet the movie was kinda "meh", and the clothing in the movies were nice...but still i still wonder why hollywood tends to always ruin the good books...of course there are good adaptations such as a hand full of Stephen King's movies...

Speaking of movies, i love the movie "ZOMBIELAND", of course i dont own the wonderful posters on the right, btu the movie was SOOO good. being a horror movie junkie, I watched alot of zombie/infected movies. but ZOmbieland was different. i was funny, not like "Shaun of the Dead" funny, but your plain old good north american humor~~~plus i really like Emma Stone, so there is no way i wasnt gonna watch it. and when i was at the theatre evryone was laughing,and the theatre was full of ppl. of coruse there were alot of kids there, which i kinda dont like, i mean if i were a parents i wouldnt want like a 10 years old to watch this movie, but there were little kids there... anyways the movie was awsome...and i honestly wish there are more movie like that out there

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Fav Song at the Moment

My fav Song at the MOment is Christina Millian's "Us against the World". Such a nice song...
so sweet and stuff~~~she's got a good voice...wonder how come she isnt as popular as she used to be when i was in highschool a few years back...

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Government Auctions...

So while i was talking to mom yesterday...i just rmbed that gov'nt auctions sells stuff for alot cheaper...so i went on ebay...and found the toronto police's auction page...and it turns out they have gazillion bikes, and jewleries. and i saw an ipod mini w/ starting bid w/ 10 bucks....and a psp w/ bnid only went up to 50....wt a great way to save money.....

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

First Blog

Yay~~~~first blog~~~,but i have nth to day right now...still firts blog~~~good for me~~~
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